Who is Chiral Jones?

Hello, and welcome to chiral jones: a blog about science, chemistry, and above all a strong desire for stereocenters. (a chiral jones, get it?)¹² Not to say that I’m only interested in methodology/synthesis of chiral everything, but I dig organic chemistry in general.

If you’ll note, my username is also chiral jones. Sure, I could have named my blog “Synthetic Fix”, and continued the whole fix/jones theme, but A) I thought chiral jones was more clever, and B) googling “synthetic fix” results in different ways to pass urine drug tests. Kinda gross. “Chiral Jones” does not.

Most importantly, I think Chiral Jones is the coolest sounding pseudonym ever! Like, a Keyser Soze of chemistry…

So, thats that. With any luck, coherent posts will start appearing soon, and with constintant frequency, I’ll have a proper “About Me,” and I’ll keep up the appearance of a decent blog!

1. As you may soon realize, I’m a sucker for wordplay.

2. Like so many other chemical bloggers, I enjoy footnotes and references where applicable.

Excuse me if things are jumbled or out of place, as I’m getting accustomed to wordpress and this whole “blogging” thing.


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