We have the technology…

Just felt like sharing: I got Windows 7. Although I didn’t mind Vista, my Windows Update got all kinds of fucked up way back at SP1, and I’ve since never been able to update properly. Which, in turn, didn’t allow me to connect via a hardwire to my campus network. (My lappy has to have all its shots, and be up to date to connect with a network cable… I could still connect to wireless hubs, though. Weird…) So I did a clean install of Windows 7 yesterday, and am now in the process of reinstalling drivers/software/networked things as I need them.

Right off the bat I can say:

  • It seems stable. If I open the task manager, the CPU meter quickly goes to zero instead of fluttering around like with vista.
  • It does eat up a bunch of memory/HD space. On a clean install from Vista, the OS alone takes up 28.6 Gigs worth of HD space (I moved the windows.old file to my external, but to be honest, I don’t know if there’s other Vista residue lurking around). With Firefox open now, and McAfee running in the background (not actively scanning, just on) I’m already eating up 930 MB of RAM. I’m not enthused…
  • Along with the other obvious tweaks to the user interface, they re-vamped the task bar. As a default, programs running in the taskbar don’t have text, just the program icon, and now, you can drag and reorder things on the task bar. Despite the obvious similarities to Mac operating systems, it’s about damn time.
  • If you’re a student and considering upgrading, definitely consider the über-cheap student deal. While full price is the suck, 30 bucks is wicked cheap.

So, blogosphere, don’t expect a full review or anything from me, but if you have any specific questions, perhaps regarding how it handles chem related software, let me know and I’ll try to be of some assistance.

UPDATE: I just learned Windows 7 Home Premium does NOT support automatic backup to a networked drive. I admit, it was a published difference, but given dirt cheap student deal vs crazy ‘spensive regular deal, I hadn’t paid the most attention to the minor details. Regardless, for that luxury, you need to bump up to one of the more expensive versions. Weak sauce, Microsoft. I believe even Vista offered network backups at any product level…

I am not pleased with this, as my wifi enabled apartment of the future is now slightly less futuristic.


One Response to We have the technology…

  1. Liquidcarbon says:

    Yay, PC! Rare in academics.

    I got it, too. Why’d you get Home Premium? Pro is also $30.

    It somehow managed to fuck up my trustworthy XP (on a different hard drive) and it has weird relationships with non-Latin layouts, but overall I’m happy. I was lucky to be able to completely stay away from Vista. I had such a faith in Win 7 that I bought Microsoft stocks before it came out. Turned out pretty good, at least I’ve funded my purchase.

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