A salt and battery

Apparently sand in my lab is a treasured commodity, to be traded equally with ground unicorn horn, so instead of topping our columns off with sand, we’ve been known to use sodium sulfate, instead, usually with no problems…

Today, however, as I sprinkled sodium sulfate onto the top of my column, a little chunk of congealed sodium sulfate made its way down, and embedded itself deep below the delicate line of silica, requiring me to repack my column, and mucking up my otherwise well oiled machine of column –> quick snack –> math discussion –> back to the lab…

Watch it, sodium sulfate! I’m putting you on notice. [1] Falter with me again, and you will rue the day.

PS, A belated “Happy No-Shave November” to all. I’m disgusting, how are you?




2 Responses to A salt and battery

  1. excimer says:

    why the hate for uncle al? you’ll learn to appreciate his… uh… you know. That je ne sais quoi.

    • chiraljones says:

      Note to self: stop hiding disclaimers in the mouse-over text.
      He’s definitely got that je ne sais-what, but I can’t decipher much of it for the life of me. Perhaps my decoder skills will improve with time…

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