Scientific Accuracy

I’m going to hazard a guess that the things I lay awake and think about at night are far different than whatever keeps you up at night.

Take, for example, the new Jameson Whiskey commercial…

I suppose, in a world where a man can dive in after his beloved cargo, fend off a giant octopus, weather a storm, and make it to shore, then anything goes, but what I’m really curious about: would a barrel of whiskey even sink?

Whiskey is marginally lighter than water¹, and most woods seem to be lighter than water², so I suppose it would come down to the amount of cast iron used to bind the barrel together…

Granted, for 99.99%³ of people, you’re drinking whiskey because you enjoy the smooth, mellow taste, or because it gets you drunk. Or both. But, damnit, I’m a proud member of that .01% that also enjoys a stiff glass of fact-checking with their drink, too. I also enjoy drinks that pour shots for you. Seriously, so helpful.

Good to know that if chemistry doesn’t work out, I can apply to be a Mythbusters intern.

[1] I ❤ WolframAlpha

[2] Wood Facts While less definitive than WolframAlpha, and considering I’m no expert on the deciduous trees of Ireland, the wood choice might play a considerable difference. However, I’m going to assume they weren’t using fine hardwoods for barrel construction, either…

[3] Stat’s are approximate. However, if you can give me any other reasons to drink whiskey, please let me know. I’ll write a thesis on it….


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