Welcome to the Future!

Happy 2010, everybody! Everything’s new and exciting and, well, ok: pretty much same. But it’s nice to try to think of it like it’s new and shiny!

Anyway, finally – back at school where I belong! Being home for a month was… odd. On the one hand, the break from science was extremely necessary, however the whole month was a little overkill; toward the end I was getting a little antsy to get back to a lab. Furthermore, the southside/suburbs of Chicago are, in my opinion, an pit of intellectual despair*. So being anywhere where I can thoroughly geek out over stuff is incredibly comforting. And finally, the Midwest just doesn’t understand tasty beer.

So, now that it’s 2010, maybe some chemistry related resolutions are in order:

  • learn more about cross-coupling reactions: despite the enthralling synthesis class last semester, we didn’t even scratch the surface of cross-coupling reactions. And when it comes to making stuff, I’ve heard they’re kinda important…
  • get into some serious synthesis: I mentioned before that the library synthesis wasn’t exactly doing it for me, but was starting to grow on me. Well, if I’m lucky I may get to have the best of both worlds: continuing work on the library project, and maybe picking up a more complex molecule synthesis or fragment of a total synthesis! Depending on an upcoming meeting/discussion with my adviser, this might be possible. So I’ve got my fingers crossed.
  • learn to cook: I know, I can “do chemistry”, but I can’t cook? What kind of chemist does that make me? Well, I’ll tell ya, the phrase “medium-high heat”: totally not quantitative. Certainly not journal-worthy¹. But truth be told, I could stand to learn a bit more about cooking. And considering how much I love food, particularly the delicious and gourmet, it’d be a worthwhile investment. Now, time to get some proper gear to outfit my otherwise spartan kitchen… and one of those wall-knife-magnet things. They’re so cool.

    and finally

  • post more! yeah yeah, typical blog resolution. But, I will not rest until I’m posting with the diligence and impact of Derek Lowe. Or, until they develop a blogging platform that will transcribe my ongoing chemical-based stream of consciousness. Both would be acceptably awesome.

To a happy, healthy, and productive 2010.

*A bit harsh, I know, but that’s just my opinion. Although I’m not stoked about the southside, I fell in love with the city as a whole again while being home. If you’re from the Chicago area and want to wax poetic about neighborhoods of the city, discuss real deep dish pizza, or argue about Sox vs. Cubs, let me know.

[1] Ok, maybe Tet. Lett…²

[2] I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.


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