Hot Sweet Isoquinolinones!

I’m shifting gears this semester, and now it looks like I’ll be cooking up a library of isoquinolinones. Something along the lines of these bad-lads: 

Not exactly the kind of hardcore total synthesis I was looking for, but the steps for this are looking a little more appetizing. Purification is looking stupid-easy, and it’s projected that the only columns that will be necessary will be for the purification of final product. (On the bright side, I’m sure most total synthesis projects around here would be column heavy and rather draining) And if that doesn’t make you giddy with excitement (or at least jealous), then maybe this will: considering I’m just cooking up a library of these things, I’ll most likely get to use an automated prep-HPLC system to take care of the dirty work!

I’m overjoyed.


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