The wrong stuff.

So, I was watching the Colbert Report, like I do, and the guest on tonight was talking about her new book, how Americans have too much stuff, and how the idea for the book started off as a little flash movie thing on the internet.

Rather than hear how I should buy her book about how Americans have too much stuff, I flipped off my TV and just found the damn thing online. What I found was not pretty…

Aside from the really agenda-pushy nature (I mean, everyone should probably consume less, but the video could have been presented in a far more ‘diplomatic’ manner), what upsets me most is… well, you’ll see.

Check it out. Watch the “story of stuff”, and in particular, the production chapter. Then, fellow chemists, be prepared to cringe. To be honest, I haven’t watched any further than the production, because after such chemical ridiculousness, I have little respect for the video.

I have nothing to say. Except for “toxics.”


2 Responses to The wrong stuff.

  1. mitch says:

    There is a theory in economics that explains that when we all consume more we can have more because prices will go down.

  2. CRH says:

    What I loved about that interview; after hearing her ridiculous rant about how we have too much “stuff”…Colbert pointed out that her book was just more “stuff”. Seeing her blank look is what makes Colbert so great…

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