Maypril Fools!

May 14, 2010

Well, it’s been a while. The past month or so has been an endless blur of school work, lab work, overnights in lab, and thoroughly enjoying being 21.ยน There’s also been a little mischief:

If you’re familiar with the show The Office, you might know of the incident where Dwight’s stuff winds up in jello. Well I, along with a partner in crime, got a chemist friend of ours rather good with a very similar endeavor. Although putting someone’s stuff in jello may be a little passe, the details make it stellar. Well, to a chemist anyway.

The setup: get our friend to think we encased two of his most recent products/intermediates (yellow oil in scintillation vial, and black gook in microwave tube) in jelloy-goodness. However, the danger of catastrophic-jello-leakage was very real, so we pulled a bait and switch, hiding the real products, and replacing them with innocuous stand-ins.

The oil was duplicated with some friend’s product he no longer needed, diluted with DCM to similar appearance.

The microwave tube was my specialty, black gook duplicated by scorching some sugar in a microwave tube.

Both fakes were capped and labeled similarly to the originals, plunked into a beaker with lime green jello, a watch glass to keep everything submerged, and a stirbar for flair.

When all was said and done, everyone kept good spirits, but the victim still insisted he NMR both the real samples, and the fakes; they were that convincing. Of course, my camera was dead the night this was perpetrated, so there are no pics of the results or real/fake comparison pictures, but trust in that it was flawless, as it was hilarious. If you’re still doubtful, you’re cordially invited to try this yourself. (If you bait and switch, it is virtually harmless, after all…)

In other news, the manual 300 has a basic set of instructions next to it, with some very simple rules. Frankly, this was just aching to be done:

Clearly, the next step in project mayhem is to duplicate the instructions word for word, and print that final rule right on the card itself. Oh, and to start the rumor that “snot” is an acceptable NMR solvent alternative to DMSO…

Happy Friday.

[1a] Yeah, I’m running characterization data for a library of compounds, which included running carbon NMRs on everything. Based on the amount of sample I had, I was looking at about 30 min NMR each on the 500. Based on NMR availability and practicality, I chose to bang out the whole lot over the course of two 12 hour overnight timeslots. Yeah, I’m a beast.

[1b] I’m 21! My birthday was April 22 (also, Earth Day), and I’ve since been feeling all too good about slowly going broke. When ACS Boston rolls around, I’ll gladly share a pint with anyone willing. Currently digging: Harpoon UFO Pale Ale