hello again.

Holy jeez, I’ve neglected blogging for a while. Summer was excellent, and aside from research, I spent as much time as possible outside and generally disconnected from the interwebs. You know, bein’ youthful and junk. Since then, this semester has been all kinds of busy, but despite the time crunch, I’ve actually been more inclined to blog lately.  I guess a greater understanding and appreciation for everything: physical organic class, as well as a reaction mechanism class have been the perfect yin and yang to each other. One has been churning through name reactions at a blistering pace, the other relaxed and in-depth: A one-two punch of organic fury. It could not be a better combo, with professors who I enjoy learning from.

Oh, and there’s biochem, too. Too bad biochem sucks, though.*

Otherwise, first semester of senior year is incredibly hectic, and at the current moment, I’m rather jealous of anyone not intending to go to grad school. However, the Chiral Jones North American Grad School Visitation Tour 2011 looks hopefully promising, and will totally make up for the epic undertaking that is applying to grad school. (OK, for the epic undertaking following my previous procrastination about grad school) The CJNAGSVT ’11 just might be coming to a school near you this spring, with applications currently going out to the east, west, south, and decidedly not in the midwest! (Maybe a little bit in the Midwest, but the prospect of spending 5+ years in a cornfield doesn’t strike me as incredibly appealing.) So mark you calendars.

More to come.

*Not the subject of biochem, but the specific class I’m taking. Bad prof, mediocre labs, etc. But that’s for another time. Anyway, in case I hurt the feelings of any biochemists, I’m sorry and want you to know I love you.



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