Big News

Chemjobber does it again! Really, he couldn’t be better at what he does – even if he’s not even specifically trying.

Way back when he cross posted info about my search for grad schools, I got much more than I bargained for.* An editor of C&EN came across my blog, enjoyed the ‘Chiral Jones Experience,’™ and contacted me with interest in picking me up over at CENtral Science. Of course, I played it coy and said “I like the idea very much,” instead of “no sh’t, I want to blog for C&EN!” I blurted out when I originally read her email. In retrospect, I think my original response would have been equally well received, but, you know… ‘Best foot forward” and all…

We’ve exchanged plenty of emails, discussed different aspects of the new blog, including the  possibility of a co-blogger, etc, etc. After confirmation from the C&EN High Council, the news is finally official enough to post here! So here are the deets:

Yes, I’ll be blogging for C&EN! The majority of my operations will take place over there, but I’ll cross post things back here from time to time, and maybe post some random things here if they don’t necessarily fit in with things over at C&EN. You know, quick posts like “Hey, I think this paper is cool, you should check it out” that aren’t necessarily a full “post,” more a glamorized tweet (tumbl, as I hear they’re called, but I neither tweet nor tumbl), and maybe incriminating happy hour pics. OK, especially incriminating happy hour pics.

Yes, I’ll be picking up a padawan-blogger! I’ll let him introduce himself at the new digs, but I’ll say that he’s a junior, and he’s generally pretty awesome. He’s doing more of a chemical biology thing, and wants to get a little more into synthesis. (lucky kid has never even had to run a column!) I’m glad to have him on-board, as our interests complement each other quite nicely. (Chemical biology looking to do a little more synthesis vs. Synthesis looking to do a little more chemical biology.)

We actually don’t have a name yet… but we’re working on that. Worst case scenario, we’re going to mash-up names of other successful blogs. Something like: The Totally Carbon-Based Pipeline Button. Which… actually isn’t as terrible as I had imagined. So that’s an option, too.

We start as soon as we get the paperwork, and the name thing sorted out. Guesstimation: about a week.

Full details forthcoming!

*Actually, I didn’t bargain at all, so I suppose receiving anything is more than I bargained for…


3 Responses to Big News

  1. Chemjobber says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Chiral. But it’s all *your* doing — congratulations.

  2. Rachelpep says:

    For the record, your original response would have been equally well received.

    A tweak to the name mash-up: Totally Carbon-Based Pipeline ChemButton

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