About The Man

My Left Forearm

My Left Forearm

Chiral Jones is, in my opinion, the coolest pseudonym ever. Like, a Keyser Soze of the chemistry world…

I’m a senior undergrad at a US university (in Massachusetts if you’re interested…), and I’m leaning heavily toward a future in organic chemistry, specifically total synthesis. Perhaps now you think I’m crazed. I probably am… Nothing gets me fired up like when fellow students look at some complex structure and say “that’s disgusting,” while I’m saying “I could find a way…” Oh, and I’m also a math minor!

If you’ll look to the left, you’ll see my left forearm. Yes, that is an IUPAC tattoo. Yes, I’m well aware of how geeky that is. Yes, I’m ok with that.

When not in lab/class, I enjoys cycling, techno beats, and chilling with my cat, Tyler. I don’t know what it is about chemists and the enjoyment of cats, but I believe the correlation is very high.

Oh, and the anonymity: It’s not exactly a secret who I am, and I’d probably post a picture or something of myself if I ever got new batteries for my camera. I’m not shooting for ChemBlog style secrecy, but I’m trying to avoid the Dylan Styles route of over-accessibility. (That is, if I even could become a fraction as well known as either Dylan Styles, or Mr. Finchsigmate, from my blogging endeavors). At the end of the day, if you recognized me and said hello, you’d find that I take everything seriously, especially when it comes to chemistry, and sometimes not taking things so seriously. However, at this point, my blog is distinctly casual, and not exactly 100% professional, and I’d like to keep a comfortable distance between the blog and things like my actual name, my current school, my PI, etc, – at least regarding things as easy as a simple Google search. For now, I think that’s reasonable…


4 Responses to About The Man

  1. psi*psi says:

    Nice tat! Extra points for nerdiness. 🙂

  2. sciencebase says:

    You think that’s nerdy, have you checked the tatttoos my good friend has been collecting on his site:


  3. Hot tattoo. I’m big into tattoos/piercings – I have one chem one but if I shared it it would give me away 🙂

  4. dave hello says:

    Thanks for this blog Kealin

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