Home, and out of my mind, for the holidays

December 31, 2010

Happy holidays, and a happy New Years (Eve, depending on your timezone) to everybody. As you might expect, I’m in the thick of the holiday slow-down. Granted, many of you will probably be back at the grind some time after the first, but I won’t even be back at school, nor spending any time at “the altar,”* until the 13th. I mean, I don’t mind extended time off, and I certainly enjoy catching up with friends I haven’t seen in six months,  but the last intermediates I was working with are just… sitting there. SITTING THERE!

Considering I’m at the point where I’ve definitely had my fill of family time, I’m conducting some “interdisciplinary” holiday research, just to keep busy. Current projects include “late night leftover feeding habits of the North American undergraduate,” and “New Years Eve: A case study.” Feeding habit data suggests an average of two investigatory trips to the fridge per feeding cycle, followed by an additional trip to the fridge, and consumption of the least unappealing leftovers. These cycles continue until hunger is satisfied, although depending upon metabolic rates, wait time between each step, and “appealing-ness” of leftovers, the process can extend well into after-hours.

Data on the New Years project is forthcoming. Currently, I’m seeking to quantify work published by B.E. Peas, et al., indicating why, and to what degree tonight will be a good night. Meta-analysis of 3 previous New Years Eve data sets will be included.

Anyway, I’ll be finishing grad school applications, bothering my PI to finish his rec’s (on time!), and polishing up a bunch of drafts for the next salvo of posts here. Oh, and enjoying time with friends. I suggest you do the same(the friends part), and I’ll see you in 2011.

*no, not my altar, just a particularly clean lookin’ one.