Don’t Look Directly At It

January 26, 2010

Yesterday was round one of P-Chem lab. I have nothing to report other than pictures of glowing green amazingness. If you’re curious, these are from Raman spectroscopy of liquids.

Here’s our old-school Raman spectrometer. What it lacks in brute force and technological advancement, it makes up for in charm and sheer awesomeness: particularly, the key operated master laser switch. I was hoping that a large red button with flip cover would appear after the key was turned, but that’s only a feature on newer models…

And here’s the other end of the thing.

A normal liquid sample. This one is carbon tetrachloride, I believe.

More impressively, this was spectra collection of liquid nitrogen.


Even closer, with the lights off.

In conclusion, lasers are cool, as is liquid nitrogen.