Extraordinary Measures

January 25, 2010

The ladyfriend and I went to go see the movie Extraordinary Measures this weekend. Considering she’s a film major, and chemistry’s my bag, it was an obvious match up on our to-do lists, and allowed us both to thoroughly geek out over the finer details regarding our craft. Furthermore, considering many of the reviews I’ve seen of the movie ragged on it for being too technical, I’d like to take the time to review the movie as a scientist, for other scientists.

To get everyone up to speed, and without ruining anything, the (based on a true story) movie focuses on John and Aileen Crowley’s (Brendan Frasier and Keri Russel) search for a cure for Pompe Disease, which afflicts two of their young children. They team up with researcher John Stonehill (Harrison Ford), start a biotech company, and against all odds, hop on the fast-track to saving some little kids. Considering the movie is based on a true story, I wouldn’t say the plot is a big secret or anything. However, if you’re going to be all scientific about it and see it without preconceived notions, then you might want to stop here. If you’re curious and don’t mind a few minor factual spoilers, read on! Read the rest of this entry »